Next Level Learning

August 12, 2015

Got Game On!

Are you confused by games, games-based learning and gamification, what it all means and where it fits in your curriculum? Worried that it's all about fun, competition and winning and is not supporting deep learning, community and collaboration? Not sure what the role of the teacher is in a gameful learning approach? These and many other concerns will be addressed in a showcase of global and local examples of how a well-crafted infusion of games could benefit any classroom or curriculum. The focus of this presentation will be to inspire you to find your own gameful space to ignite learning. #gotgameon


Bronwyn Stuckey

Dr Bronwyn Stuckey, Specialist in Gamification, Community of Practice and Open Badges Bronwyn has been engaged in educational community and gameful practices in learning development for the past 15 years. She has worked to explore virtual worlds, games in ...

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