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August 12, 2015

Engaging Kids Today - It’s about Pedagogy Not Just Technology

The body of literature around student engagement is vast and continues to grow. Educators have never been better informed of the complexities and interactions between pedagogy, technology, neuroscience and engagement. And yet, across the western world in particular, studies suggest that student engagement levels continue to drop. Why is this?

Could one of the reasons be, that despite all the talk of an Education Revolution, most of the action focuses on standardisation, assessment and accountability?

In this keynote, Dan will explore how, by understanding authentic engagement – and how technology can support this – teachers can inspire mini-revolutions in their own schools and communities, to ensure that - not only are kids prepared for tomorrow - they are engaged today.


Dan Haesler

Dan Haesler is an international keynote speaker, educator, writer and consultant. He works with state governments, not-for-profit organisations, regional education offices, professional associations and individual schools around the relationships between ...

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