Next Level Learning

August 12, 2015

Going Beyond the Grade - Leveraging the Power of Purpose

What’s the main driving force behind student motivation? If the first question students ask is, “What’s it out of?” or “How much is this worth?” then you have your answer.

Whilst extrinsic motivators are important, when they are the sole motivator, research shows it is not sustainable, particularly if we are serious when we say school is about encouraging life long learning.

In this workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into various platforms that allow for students to derive a greater sense of purpose from the work they are undertaking.

Whether it’s by engaging with an authentic audience, advocating for change or helping others, Dan will demonstrate what schools are already doing in this space to engage their learners, and provide a starting point for teachers to explore in their own contexts.


Dan Haesler

Dan Haesler is an international keynote speaker, educator, writer and consultant. He works with state governments, not-for-profit organisations, regional education offices, professional associations and individual schools around the relationships between ...

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